gira and purse

Oh, the stylish Gira. Gira of the pink shirts and the man purse. Of the Euro-style and the Euro-travel. You will be missed. Though, I do ask you to return my mom’s glasses.

Gordan Giricek was traded yesterday from the Utah Jazz to the 76ers.  When the jazz first aquired him in a trade for Deshawn Stevenson, he seemed like a perfect fit for the team. He had several 20 point games and hit shot after shot. There was love in the air in Salt Lake.

Then Gira got his 4 year contract.

Since then he has been in Coach’s dog house. Something rubbed Coach Sloan (or COY as I like to call him) wrong about Gira. Perhaps it was that he traveled at least once every game that he played for us. Maybe he even pinched COY’s cheek or something one day. Most likely it was that he refused to stay within the offense.

When I say refused, I mean it. One thing that I have noticed about Gordan Giricek over the years is that he is one stubbord SOB. He refuses to change. He has a certain belief about himself and his talent level and he sticks to that belief.

I enter into evidence Exibit A: The Euro Travels

Gordan . . . most likely traveling

Gira makes this little stutter-step move every time he intends to drive to the basket. All european players seem to have it when they come into the league, but most get rid of it after a few games. The Officials are all clued in on it. (I swear that they have a meeting before each Jazz game and say “Watch Giricek. He travels. Like a lot”) He get’s called for traveling with this move every game, somethimes even two or three times in a single game. The thing is, Gordan refuses to change his style.

Exhibit B: The interviews.

Oh yeah . ..  More purse

Whenever a reporter confronts Giricek with something, he mentions europe.

He says something like “Why does everyone think I am a bad defender? I was the best defender in Europe.”  Or “I was the best two guard in europe.” Or “Me heap good in Europe, no?”

I think that Gordan actually believes he is just that good and therefore does not need to change.

Exhibit C: The Offense

Boozer says

Gira had been on the team for four years. For four years he has been in trouble with COY about playing outside of the offense. He inevitably get’s benched for games at a time for trying to play his own game instead of coach’s game. Why? Wouldn’t a normal average guy learn?

With the best two guard on the team (Gira) on the bench, we end up playing substandard guy after substandard guy at the position. How much better would this team have been over the last four years if Gira had played within the offense like COY has asked him to? It’s an unanswerable question really. But Jazz owner Larry Miller has quoted the assistant coaches as having told him that Gira was the most talented player on the team.

Ah well, no big deal. The trade has been made. Gira and his man-purse are gone. But he has left a legacy behind with the other players as I read in todays Sltrib blog.

Now we have a new player for me to pick on. Kyle Korver, or “Deformio” as I like to call him.


Hey, on his own website, he calls himself a “heartthrob” so he’s fair game.

Actually he is a fantastic shooter, so here’s hoping that he improves our team.