Oooh DNAgent!

I was once quite the comic book collector. I have many boxes of bagged and boarded comics locked away in my basement that havent seen the light of day in at least twelve years. So naturally, since the Superhero Movie craze took over hollywood, I have seen just about every single one. Recently since I started getting into Rifftrax I have revisited many of the movies in my collection and those Riffclowns have helped me see them in a different light.

Man, many of those movies are bad. Even worse, most of them are bad in the worst way. They took the comic book fan’s beloved characters and stories and gave them to writers, Directors, and actors that were not comic book fans. In other words:


The End result? The stories get changed, the characters get goofified, even their powers get changed.

Why? The people making the movie decide that they know better than the comic book reader that is going to be watching the movie and make the movie that they want to make.

So in this column from time to time I will break down what is good and bad about various Superhero films and disperse my wisdom to you, the humble reader. After all, its the least I can do. Maybe one day someone will actually read this. If that happens, maybe someday these words will get shoved down the throats of the guys that made Catwoman. Well, who knows, probably not. Anyway, let us delve into this exercise in futility, shall we?

Let’s start with a film that I watched last night.


Dare to be . . . mediocre

I’m not Jewish and I don’t speak a word of Yiddish, but Oy Veh, what happenned here?

Let me explain that I am not completely familliar with the Daredevil Comic book. I have only read maybe three or four of them. I mainly saw him guest starring in other comics. When I first saw the movie I thought that it was OK.  It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t memorable either. The director tried for the most part to take the story seriously and that was the main saving grace for the film. After breaking it down a bit more, here is what went wrong.

First of all the casting. I actually didn’t mind most of the decisions made there. Jennifer Garner was an okay choice for Elektra. Collin Farrell as Bullseye was the best choice made in the movie. Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin was okay only because I can’t thing of another actor big enough to make it work. Joey Pants as the detective on the case was ok. The Disaster was the casting of our titular hero. Ben Affleck.

Benny Boy Why?

Now I get why the producers thought this would work. At the time, he hadn’t made Gigli yet, his stock was still riding high, but the dude is not in the least bit menacing. His acting “skillz” just don’t allow for nuance. Besides, his face looked too chunky in that mask.

Then there is the big stupid scene. Every mediocre Comic Book film has to have one. This one has a goofy fight scene when Electra meets Matt Murdock for the first time. For no reason at all they decide to fight each other in a yard full of scool children, jumping acrobatically off of seesaws and making quips. The director had set a dark and serious tone with the movie even having Daredevil kill some bad guys. Why put a goofy scene so far out of place into the movie? It made no sense. In fact I think it was that scene that ruined the movie for me. There are hundreds of ways they could have done it better.

Here is the Rifftraxed version of the scene to prove my point.

The movie was a flop at the box office and the fans were irritated. They put out an extended director’s cut of the film that makes the movie much better, or at least much darker. I watched that version hoping that they had taken that one big stupid scene out, but they hadn’t. The movie might have been salvageable otherwise. That’s what ticks me off about these types of films.


Don't tell him, though.

Potential, 8.0ut of 10. Theatrical version 5 out of 10. Extended cut 6 out of ten.

Stay tuned for more reviews as I can get to them . . .

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