Deformio. Or Mr. Good Lookin to the ladies.
Ok so I called Kyle Korver Deformio in my last Jazz post and I have taken some heat for that. Don’t get me wrong. I like the guy despite the fact that his face is misshapen. The reason I find it so funny is I seem to be the only one that can see it. Everyone else thinks he is some kind of stud.

Proof in point. Everywhere he goes, the girls seem to go crazy. They hold up signs in the arenas saying “Kyle will you marry me?” One of the most popular Kyle Korver searches on google is “Kyle Korver Girlfriend?”.

Pictured Below
Kyle Korver's girlfriend. Deformette
(Update: Ever since publishing this article, I have had over 3 hits a day on this site via a google search for “Kyle Korver Girlfriend.” No Lie)

The other thing is the Ashton Kutcher Debate.
When he came to Utah last week, the Salt lake media filled their papers with jokes about how much he looks like Ashton Kutcher. Here
Potato or Potahtoe
They mention it in every game telecast. They ask him about it in every interview. It has to be annoying for the man. But you know what, he takes it in stride. He doesn’t act too irritated when they mention it. (Who knows. Maybe he Likes it.)

But that’s not why I started this article. The truth is, despite his looks, Kyle Korver is a good guy and a great fit for the Utah Jazz.

He has only played in a few games for us so far and is still learning our plays, but the guy makes a difference when he is on the floor. He hustles and tries to do everything right. His reputation on defense was that he was weak, but he has been blocking shots and deflecting passes and generally being a nuisance to the other team.

No! My ball!

His minutes have been limited as he is learning the offense, but when he is on the floor, the other team has to watch him. They know his reputation as a great shooter and that means that Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer have more room to work inside.

We needed that and badly. The Jazz had a horrible time of it lately. We were winning big early on going 12-5, then we lost 11 of our next 14. Yeah, big ouch. But since Kyle Korver has been in the lineup, we have gone 3-1. Now I’m not saying that he is the sole reason for our wins, but he does give us a dimension that we didn’t have before.

I’m sure that our other two guards, Ronnie Brewer and CJ miles, don’t like the fact that they have someone new on the team to compete for minutes. Brewer has alluded to it once in the press already. Korver seems to be aware of this because he has already approached them to say that he is rooting for them. I don’t know how much good that has done, but I hope that they work things out. The most important thing is wins, and Korver definitely helps us in that category. A big improvement over Man Purse.

For some interesting info about Deformio, and loads of pictures for the ladies, see his site here.