Sorry, it is just after midnight, and I saw this pic on the Deseret News site and just had to say “Huh?”. Then I burst out laughing and woke my three year old.

Was this photo there earlier in the day? Because I have no idea why I didn’t see it. Desnews caption is “Utah’s Ronnie Brewer is stopped while driving to the basket in Thursday’s win over the Suns.”

Yeah, I’ll say stopped. It has to be a foul when some guys hold your arms behind your back while another one uses the ball to take away your hope of progeny.

Seriously, why use this picture at all? Ronnie Brewer had his best scoring game of the year with 21 Pts and 6 rebounds. Sure he didn’t have any steals, but does that justify making a blow to the groin the lead picture. Save that one for private parties. or to show around the office. Obviously someone (Staff photographer Jeffrey Allred) thought they were funny. (And they were.)

Here are some of the other pics they had available to choose from.
Oh how nice. For me?
Booze looks real happy, just before Memo takes one of his 14 boards. Booze ended up with only 1. That has to be a season low.
Just one kiss? Please!
Memo doing his best Alan Cumming Impression. Alan Cumming flavored cologne for European Men.
Who dealt that one?
And Deron Williams with the most painful looking layup of his career.

Ok, so maybe they didn’t have that many great pics to choose from since this game was such a disaste-

Oh, wait. Going by the looks of those pics I thought we lost.

Utah won by 22 points for goodness sake. Maybe considering all the factors they could have chosen a picture more appropriate.
Like maybe this one.
Ronnie with one of his 50 dunks of the night.

What is it with sports photos anyway? Look at your newspaper or their online site after the game. Do NBA players all grimace that brutally during every play?

Here are more pics from our previous game. (Again a blowout win. this time against the Pacers. You wouldn’t know it from the pics they choose to publish.) These are also from the Dnews.

Deformio getting nailed
Here Deformio gets the back of Diogu’s hand.

Dude, Your pits . . .why?
I think Ronnie took another groin hit just before the pic was taken. You can see Jermaine O’neil’s hand moving away from the impact.

Wait, just to make sure this isn’t only the Dnews. lets try the Trib.
Wait, I'll catch you.
This dunk was so easy, Memo had to do it sarcastically.
Well, at least they show us scoring.
What about this one?
Oh Mammy
No, this is just the way the world thinks the Utah team looks. Shame on the Trib for that one. (Actually that pic is kind of a microcosm of Salt Lake City. Hot chicks and old white guys wearing ties.)
Sure coach, here I am going after the ball, Doi!
Ok so Ronnie gets nailed in the groin and Memo has Jim Carrey face. It must be like that every game.
Actually most of the Trib photos are pretty nice.
Deformio makes his one 3 of the night

So maybe it is the Frickin’ Dnews.