No seriously. That's a carrot.
You heard it here first, folks. Vegetable intruments are gaining rapidly in popularity, and it’s been a long time coming.

The History:

It’s an industry steeped in tradition. For as long as there have been vegetables, there have been people making instuments out of them. Early cave drawings show people standing around wild animals, playing vegetable instruments in order to soothe them. Other drawings show the people killing them to make a stew using those same vegetable instuments.
Cave Painting of ancient Vegetable insrtument buffet party
In the United states, the industry reached it’s peak in the 1700’s when there was nothing else to do but make instruments out of your crops.
A kid got spanked for making this in the 1700's. It was dinner time, not fun time.
The popularity died off when more and more people began to prefer canning their vegetables, to making instruments out of them.

Recently there has been a resurgence in the polularity of these instruments. This began oddly enough with the British Royal Family. Prince Charles began refereeing family polo matches with hand-made carrot whistles.
He can play now, snack later.
The paparazzi went crazy trying to obtain one, but he kept eating them after the matches, foiling their attempts. Eventually entrepreneurs got into the act and began selling carrot whistles on street corners all over Britain. When the Queen mother was seen playing a ukulele made of summer squash, vegetable instuments became a craze.
Photos taken before Royal Family Meal
It took a while for this craze to hit other parts of the globe, but recently there have been signs. Videos are springing up all over YouTube showing new ways to make and play these instruments.

There is even a Vegetable Orchestra that tours europe playing in packed arenas.

The Opportunity:
With this industry on the rise, the public is clamoring for ways to get their own vegetable instruments. It wouldn’t take much for a company, (Dole, I’m calling you out here.)to find a way to mass produce Carrot Flutes, Apple Maracas, or other nutritious snacks for sale in grocery stores all over the country.

Let’s make the school cafeteria a musical place.
Let’s make the family dinner table a place where you can tap your toe.
Let’s make some money while we’re at it.
Don't they look like they are having fun?