Deformio about to slap the crap out him

Our good pal Deformio is kicking booty and taking names as the newest member of the Utah Jazz. Since Korver’s trade to the Jazz on December 29, we have gone 11-2. It’s an awesome record to be sure.

How much of the winning record is due to Deformio’s skills is hard to say. What was supposed to be his greatest attribute, his three point shooting, has been off and on so far. But several other factors have come into play to make him a key addition to the team.

1. He spreads the floor.

Despite how off his 3 point shooting has been, teams know his reputation. They always seem to keep a man on him, giving our other guys more room to work inside.

2. His defensive skills were highly underrated.

Deformio has surprised all of us with his tenaciousness on defense. He sticks to mis man and moves laterally probably better than anyone else on the team. He is also a hustle guy, averaging a steal at least once a game and he has also averaged about one block a game, which was a huge surprise for me.

3. The Chick Factor

Looking more Kutchery

For some reason, the chicks go nuts for Deformio. His one eye slightly higher than the other and his cockeyed smile drives the lady folk bonkers. This helps the team, because at home the girls are screaming like crazy, making the arena louder than before. On the road, they cheer for our team instead of theirs whenever he is on the floor.

4. His free throw shooting and midrange jumper.

Despite his 3 point struggles, Deformio is as close to perfect as anyone can get from the freethrow line. Not to mention how great he is with that mid range jumper. Man can he get them up fast. If ony he could get that 3 pointer falling more often . . .

5. His all around good guy style.

Korver is great for the locker room. The other guys don’t feel so bad about their own looks when he is in the room. AK and Memo probably don’t feel half as ugly with Deformio around.

Here is an example of why he is good for the locker room. He knew when he was coming in to the team that he was going to take some other guy’s minutes. So he made it a point to go to CJ Miles and Brewer and tell them, Hey, I am a team guy. I’m rooting for you do do well when you are on the floor. I’m not trying to usurp your spot in the rotation. I think that going out of his way to do that has helped keep the guys from resenting him too much.

6. Addition by subtraction. Gira is gone.

Gira hurt the team in several subtle ways. Gira never ran the plays. He disrupted our offense constantly. He turned the ball over with his stupid Euro-travel at least once or twice a game. When he was sent to the bench, he would complain to his team mates about it, disrupting the team spirit that needs to be there in order to play your best. And when COY (Coach Sloan) kept him on the bench because of his antics, we were forced to play guys at the position (Fish, Harp, etc . . .) that were not right for the teams we were facing.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not giving Deformio sole credit for our recent winning ways. Guys all over the team have been stepping up. AK has been playing at his former all star level. Memo has decided to make some shots for a change. Deron and Boozer have even stepped up their play which is hard to do when you are already playing at such a high level.

For an example, of Deformio’s value to the team let’s take a look at our most recent game:

We were playing the San Antonio Spurs, The defending NBA champs. They knocked us out of the playoffs last year and we have always struggled to beat thim. This was a big game for us also because by winning, we would be at the top of our division and back in the playoff race.

Deron, Booze and Ak had fantastic nights. While Korver only had 8 points on 3-7 shooting. On the other side, Gonobli, who never makes a foul,
Why a smart man could put a leg up on a thing like that.
had a great game, scoring 29 points on us. Korver did as good a job on him as anyone ever does with that freak of nature, but where he shone was in the final minutes.

We had led most of the night, but the Spurs got within two. With the game on the line, Deformio hit a technical free throw and a three pointer, giving us back enough of a lead that we were able to win the game.

Deformio always seems to do just enough to hold up his end of the team and that’s what makes me happy that we got him. We’ll keep an eye on Deformio and his continuing contributions to the team, but for now it looks like he is a star rising in Utah.

In conclusion, I know it’s early but let me leave the ladies with a little valentines treat. Sorry, i couldn’t find one with Jazz Uniform.

Have some Deformio for Valentines

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