Feeling Nostalgic?


Want to?

I was over on Aintitcool today and Harry Knowles waxed nostalgic about old cartoons he found on the web. I thought why not? In fact I decided to find the ones that piqued my interest and burn them to a DVD for my kids. Why? Because I can. And it’s free.

There is a site called KeepVid that lets you download Youtube clips. I already made a few DVD compilations of old obscure MST3K and Rifftrax clips. It works pretty well. You just save them into a folder and then use a program like DVDflick convert them to files playable by your DVD player and burn them to a blank DVD.

Anyway, here are the cartoons that I chose for my kids. Now I skipped many of the obvious ones because we already own them. I bought several collections of Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoons for instance. This is rare public domain stuff. It’s pretty edgy for its time.

Swing You Sinners

Stratos Fear


The Haunted Ship

Wot a Night (1931)

Ants in the Plants

Candy Town (1931)

The Snow Man
(This’ll give the kids nightmares, but *insert evil laugh here*)

The Cat Came Back
Not an old one, but a hilarious one.

I finish out the DVD with some more modern computer-generated cartoon clips.

Hilarious commercial

Jurrasic Fart

Gummy Bear Song

And Finally, some test clips for Flushed Away.

Slug Song 1

Slug Song2

Slug Song 3