I got some new pictures today and sorry folks, but she is still cuter.

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It’s a sad thing that some babies are born cute while others are . . . . not. For instance:

Ugly baby

But most babies are not that ugly. Some are just yada-yada babies like the one below:
average baby
He could grow up to be this kid so watch out,

Okay so his parents need to feed him more and make him take naps, but you get the idea.

Then see my baby again:

my baby is cuter

Here’s another Yada-yada to borderline unnatractive baby:

dressed up baby

Here is Mine again:

baby 2

Now for you darwinists out there, help me understand. Why can’t all babies make you say Awwww? Why would humans not have evolved to make all babies beautiful? After all, the parents have to have a reason to keep the baby and take care of it.

We need to see that baby and think, “This thing is too cute. I had better feed it so that it won’t make that ugly crying face again.” or, “This thing stinks. If it wasn’t so cute, I would leave it on the side of the road. Oh well, I gues I should change it.”

I think it is just one more proof that there is a God. Otherwise why would we have this innate connection and love for these critters. No matter how ugly the baby, their mommy loves them.

If it weren’t for that innate love, how would these two have made it past childhood? God is one funny dude.

Ewwgly dudes

To wash that image out of your mind here are some more pictures of my baby:


She was sleepy in that one. The next one is the happiest pic I have of her.


So now that my evidence is on the table, I am leaving the floor open to you.

Do you think your baby is cute? Then prove it.

Put a link to your baby’s picture in the comments section of the CUTER BABY CHALLENGE section and I will post you baby’s picture on the site. Then I will pull up my random baby picture generator and post the picture that comes up next to your kid. We will then decide if your baby is indeed cuter.

Let me clarify, this is not a contest to see if your baby is cuter than mine because that would be unfair to all babies. This is basically a challenge to prove that your baby is cuter than most.

Is your baby cuter?


Our first brave soul has stepped forward. Troutbum has submitted pictures of Baby Trout. Here is one without his ugly mug in the way. So is Baby Trout cuter?

Baby Trout

Wow a good showing for Baby Trout. Lets plug in the random baby photo generator and see . . . .

Crosseyed baby

Whew! Baby Trout wins by a mile! Way to go, Trout I don’t know how that kid came from you.

Any more takers?

Take the Cuter Baby Challenge HERE. All further entries will be posted there.