Hah! not really, folks. Just doing some political Lampooning. Since I don’t really love any of the candidates in the race, why not take them all on?

Hillary looks good to Obama
Obama is either sending daggers her way or he thinks she’s HOT. You can almost see steam coming out of his nose.

Obama calling the pigs
Obama at the national pig calling competition. He is right in the middle of a Soooooooie!

McCain Mad
When McCain realized that the media doesn’t love him anymore. *tear*


My buddies at Rifftrax have decided to help me out on this one. Here are their campain ad riffs. Hilarious stuff and party nuetral. All with commentary by the beloved sage, Mike Nelson.

That Hillary. Always ruining Christmas for everyone.

If only Mike Huckaby was really on the Free Pen bandwagon, he might get my vote.

Obama for change. Now that idea is something I can stand behind.

McCain proves he can take the correct action for our future.

Caucasing is easy. Because even though Bill can’t resist a burger, and some guys can’t help but do the pointy finger dance, it is easy to stand in a locked room with 100 people you have never met for an hour. Huh?

If you liked those, here are a couple “vintage” campaign ads for the California governor race.

The Phil Angelides experience.

Schwarzenegger not a baby.

Update 3/5/08:

Riffrax has a new round of political ads out that are hilarious. Here is a sample:

Check the rest of them out HERE.