Well folks. Things are hectic here on the Edgewriter Family Ranch. I am sorry that it has been longer between posts than normal. This will change I assure you.

Programming note: Short Stories

Last week I wrote a short story and posted it on the blog here. I had fun writing it too. It wasn’t my normal writing style. I am more of a Fantasy/Action guy. But it was fun.

So I’m giving you folks a heads up. Most likely I will be posting short stories more often on this site. They will be custom written for the site by me. Most likely they will be more of my regular flavor than this last one.

For those of you that don’t know, I have written an 800 page fantasy novel that I am currently working on splitting into two books. It is part of a series called The Bowl of Souls. Iwish I could post excerpts from it here, but I have been informed by people far wiser than myself that publishing even a small portion of it on my blog will make it harder for me to get a publisher to buy my book.

So I have decided to settle for writing original short stories that involve characters from my book that happen on the periphery of the story. I will post those here and hopefully that will give you guys a feel for what my story is about. Also when I do finally find a publisher for the book, you could pick it up and know a little bit more about what is going on in the world.

At any rate, this is an exciting prospect for me. Hopefully I don’t lose too much of my readership doing this. I will still continue with posts about movies and MST3K and whatever other vagaries pop into my fevered mind, so don’t leave because of this. You will just see short stories more often. Hopefully you will enjoy them.


Growing up, my siblings and I watched a lot of Disney movies. Now that I have four kids of my own, I am once again watching a lot of Disney movies. And you know, even though I have a fondness for these movies there is such a thing as Daddy overload.

So the other day I ran across some videos and they had me laughing out loud. Here are trailers for Disney films if they had been filmed in some evil alternate universe.

(Note: If some of these videos don’t work for you, I have no idea why. They work on Youtube. So if the video clip won’t play, just click on link below each video to see them.)

The Incredibles:


Scary Mary:


Toy Story:


Bedknobs and Broomsticks:


The Lion King:


Pete’s Dragon:


Willy Wonka:
(Yes I know this isn’t Disney. Besides this may actually be the original trailer for all I know.)


And on an opposite note, here is a Romantic Comedy Trailer for Silence of The Lambs:


If you come across any more, feel free to post them in comments and I will add them to the article.