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Please! Help Me Understand…

Mandatory seat belt laws – R.I.P. Motorcyclists

This Isn't Cool...They Really Want You Dead!

Evidently it is important to be safe when traveling by buckling ourselves into our vehicles…the life of the passengers of a moving car or truck is worth preserving…enforcement of seat belt laws improve the number of people using seat belts by 82%…and I guess the government’s true feelings about bikers come to light.

Click It or Ticket Campaign Launch
Spokesperson: The citizens of this great country must endure this new “Click It or Ticket” mandatory seat belt campaign to prevent casualties of those we love on our roadways…in other unrelated news, in some states bikers will continue to have optional helmet regulations…

I am seriously confused as to why our government allows bikers to ride on our roads at the same speed limit as other vehicles (often with helmets optional if you are over 19)…but passengers of those other vehicles are required (if this campaign shows positive results and sticks) to strap themselves in to avoid fatalities. This means two things…either motorcycles should then also be outlawed on our roads…or motorcyclists are free to die and are not a concern.

Seat belts? We're talkin' 'bout seat belts?

I definitely think that it is smart to always wear a seat belt in a car so I don’t mean to say that seat belts are not important to our safety (mom, a reminder to actually wear yours), but the government’s involvement in this issue is driving me crazy (no pun intended).

Just to get an officers reaction, I would love to do this…

1. I get pulled over in my car because I am not wearing a seat belt but when the officer walks up to my window he finds me in a motorcycle helmet with leather from head to toe.

Soda Pop Prices by Volume

$ Value = The same?

12 oz can = 75 cents
20 oz bottle = 1.20
2 Liters = 99 cents
3 Liters = 1.20 (when applicable)

I don’t mean to complain about 2 Liters of soda costing less than 20 ounces but I am just curious as to whose is coming up with this stuff? Is it the same guy that is determining the serving sizes on our products? Who eats just a few chips or a couple spoonfuls of ice cream?

Where's the Carmel?

So instead of saying that the price of a 2 liter needs to increase, I say that the price of the popular 20 oz. should be decreased! There is more plastic and fluid in a 2 Liter bottle so these companies have no excuse! Ok, ok…I know about the supply and demand curve in this situation…but it isn’t easy carrying around a 2 liter of soda…it gets warm way too fast…it’s bulky…and I look like a soda junky!


Take Your Hat Off! You Are Walking on Hallowed Ground…

I like to call myself on old fashioned individual. I like giving up my seat for women, children and the elderly…or opening doors for the same. But out of all the traditions of our culture and etiquette, I have never understood why wearing a hat is disrespectful in some situations. A hat isn’t a mask or a disguise. A hat is often just for fashion or to keep the sun off of your face.

So why is it disrespectful to wear my hat during the national anthem or when I enter a church? I assume that there was a time where it made sense…maybe there was a time where birds ran amok and the hats people wore collected a large volume of bird droppings…I can see why a hat covered in feces would be disrespectful and should be removed…but aside from this scenario…IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

Don't Inhale Too Deeply

By the way, if someone were to tell me to take my hat off because I was walking on hallowed ground (to set this up properly it is important to note that my hat has nothing to do with the ground…if I were being asked to take my shoes off, walk softly, or to tip toe because I was walking on hallowed ground, at least that would be in the realm of understanding..anyway…read on) I would respond with this,

“Shhhh quiet, QUIET!…(long pause)…sorry, I thought I smelled something.”