You are holding it wrong!

In my book (about two pages, all written on “good” toilet paper), the hard way is always the best and most honorable way to do any task.  (I am working on a long list of exceptions to this rule to be published later once I have sold enough of my book to retire)  As a matter of fact, I am part of a group of people that are the toughest, most war-tested…(and quiet) people on this planet.  “The peace-makers”/”the optimists”.  Now I don’t mean to paint the wrong picture…I love to eat meat, watch/play sports, contain my emotions, make fun of anything cheesy and play violent video games…and I am married (and not in California or Massachusetts)


A gray wife beater for a baby?


Oh sure, I could try take the easy way out.  If you have no expectations then you will never be disappointed right?  Wrong.  No matter how negative you are, life will never consistently be as bad as you think and yet you will never be able to think of all of the many ways that you could be disappointed.  So stop trying to tear down the rest of us when we are trying to better our situation!  For example, if I suggest going swimming in a public pool, don’t tell me of the average amount of urine that it contains and that you think it will be crowded!  Why do the pessimists seem to come out of the woodwork when people are trying to think of something to do?


To highlight another point, being optimistic has also been given other negative terms by pessimists that don’t FIT (doesn’t fit like George Carlin’s role *R.I.P.* as the conductor on Shining Time Station…or Jack Black doing kid movies or hosting Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Awards…ever heard of Tenacious D?)  Being optimistic doesn’t mean that someone is naïve; I know that everything won’t turn out to be as good as I would like…but I hope it does! 

Hi Kids! Let me add to your vocabulary!Search Youtube at your own risk


So here is my equal shot to the pessimists who conjure the word naïve when discussing optimists…the optimists don’t have time to come up with special words that are supposed to mean the exact same thing as another word already in existence…these are things that lazy people do.  However during the time it took me to write this I have come up with a counter to the condescending way you say, “you are just naïve”…”you are just SCARED and LAZY!”


You are like the pouty kids who, when they don’t get what they want…say, “I never get anything!”  Shame on you and it is time to grow up.  Life can be good and it can be bad…but it is silly to throw a tantrum.  Especially when you only do it when others are around…