“Yes before I fill up my car, I would like to prepay with my card…”

Do you prefer a calculator or a crystall ball?


What do we all do nowadays when we go to fill up our car with gas?  I am sure you do what I do, in that I normally use my card and pay outside…which includes sliding your card into the reader and then getting pre-approval before I am allowed to pump.  Well the other day I knew that I wanted to get some soda before I started pumping gas so I thought that I would pre-pay to be more efficient and have the gas and soda on the same charge.


So I go into the gas station and let them know that I want to pre-pay…the lady nods her head and I tell her that I am going to buy a couple drinks too…so I grab my drinks, place them on the counter and she asks me, “so how much gas do you need?”.  I gave her a stunned and puzzled look…and then I said, “well I will be using my card.”  She says, “yeah I need to know how much you are planning on pumping before I can run all of this.”  So with gas prices being so crazy, I made a conservative guess (I really had no idea how much gas I would need with how much was left in my car).


Me too Bubba...me too


She runs my card and doesn’t say anything else to me about it.  So I go to my car to pump but I have never done this before and I wasn’t sure if the pump would turn off automatically of if she would ask me to go back in and pay the difference if I went over what I had told her I needed.  Some of you may be thinking, “of course the pump would turn off…if you have ever pre-paid with cash….” but I will cut you off right there.  I have never pre-paid gas before.  So needless to say I am trying to slowly squeeze out the last four or five cents so I don’t go over…then the thought occurs to me…


WHY DO I HAVE TO TELL THEM HOW MUCH I WILL PUMP?!  When I pay outside I don’t have to type in how much I will need!  I just run my card through the reader and they charge me whatever the outcome is!  So why can’t they do the same thing inside if they have my credit card information!  Don’t the people who setup the outside payment process talk to the inside people when they are coming up with their procedures?!


New Female Robot can Kiss/Hold Hands…

…and I still have to mow my lawn?  Who is determining the priority for new technology?  Don’t try to figure out how to make a robot to keep lonely men from being social when I can’t even prepay for gas without knowing exactly how much I will need to pay for what I will pump in advance.  Why not work on building robots to do our mining for us?  Or work on robots to fish or anything to remove people from the dangers of some jobs that still exist?  I mean…what an accomplishment!  How about they spend more time working to create the new robotic arms that will be needed to build our new vehicles that aren’t so dependent on oil? 

I am not alone here…on being confused in the amount of time people spend on different developments…


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