99th post
Hello, Edgewriter here.

Here at post.com(tm), you know that we are not a pun site. We simply enjoy giving you pictures of posts.
So I am commemorating our 100th post.

100th post

Now the challenge begins. Can you find all 100 posts on the site? They are hidden all over. It may get a bit difficult, but there is a big reward in store for the first one to email me the locations of all 100 posts. This is Egdewriter’s first major contest. The winner will receive the opportunity to write our 200th post. (Not photo of a post.)

101st postage

    Let the Post hunting begin!!!

Here are some hints.

102nd post
1. a strong piece of timber, metal, or the like, set upright as a support, a point of attachment, a place for displaying notices, etc.
2. Furniture. one of the principal uprights of a piece of furniture, as one supporting a chair back or forming one corner of a chest of drawers. Compare stump (def. 11).
3. Papermaking. a stack of 144 sheets of handmolded paper, interleaved with felt.
4. Horse Racing. a pole on a racetrack indicating the point where a race begins or ends: the starting post.
5. the lane of a racetrack farthest from the infield; the outside lane. Compare pole1 (def. 4).
6. Computers. a. a message that is sent to a newsgroup.
b. text that is placed on a Web site.

–verb (used with object) 7. to affix (a notice, bulletin, etc.) to a post, wall, or the like.
8. to bring to public notice by or as by a poster or bill: to post a reward.
9. to denounce by a public notice or declaration: They were posted as spies.
10. to publish the name of in a list: to post a student on the dean’s list.
11. to publish the name of (a ship) as missing or lost.
12. to placard (a wall, fence, etc.) with notices, bulletins, etc.: The wall was posted with announcements.
13. to put up signs on (land or other property) forbidding trespassing:: The estate has been posted by the owner.
14. Computers. a. to send (a message) to a newsgroup.
b. to place (text) on a Web site.

–verb (used without object) 15. Computers. a. to send a message to a newsgroup.
b. to place text on a Web site.


[Origin: bef. 1000; ME, OE < L postis a post, doorpost, whence also D, LG post, G Pfosten]

—Related forms
postless, adverb
postlike, adjective

—Synonyms 1. column, pillar, pile, pole. 6. announce, advertise, publicize.

103rd Shebbear post

Did I mention, we support women’s rights?
104th wommen's sufferage post
and their figures by the way.