Edgewriter here.

In the past you have seen me rail against the evils of Televangelism.

Well, today I have been doing some research and Brothers and Sisters you won’t believe what I have dug up.

Across our great nation, many of us use our church signs as bilboards to either promote our values, advertise community events, or touch the hearts of the people driving by. However some churches are getting out of control. Either their pastors are loopy or the person in charge of their signage needs to be reigned in. These messages range from politically charged to stupid to flat out dangerous. This is the kind of thing that makes people think religious people are crazy.

That sign out front is often the first thing that people see from our churches. The message there will forever color the public opinion of our church’s beliefs.

Now I have seperated these photos into several categories:

#1 Stupid

Lame Church Sign

Lame Church Sign

Why adorn a church sign with mispellings? Obviously the sign arranger for this church was getting creative. However the message that our Heavenly Father will be there for us is tainted by the fact that people will wonder: “Are they being cute or are they just bad spellers?”
Besides, Isn’t that the name of a bad 80’s R&B song?

I’m not quite sure what message this sign is meant to convey. Maybe this is a joke being played on a heavy pastor. Either way it is innapropriate.

After examining this one more closely I think that this may be a church that was purchased by an institution that is running a business out of it. At least they should take the religious signage out of the corner.

#2 Political

In our current political climate, it may be tempting for a pastor to use his pulpit as a place to put forth his political views. However we need to remember that our political views are not neccesarily God’s will. It is innapropriate to put that kind of message out. It is also a quick way to get your tax exempt status removed.

Not only is this sign highly innapropriate, it is also offensive. It is not our place to judge a woman. Besides, where is the proof?

I have seen signs with similar messages popping up all over the country. Not only is it rediculous, but also quite frightening. Even if Barack Obama did heal my friend’s gimpy leg.

Again, this is is a statement I have not seen proof of. I mean, I have heard of this, but there is no photo evidence. But if any of you do find any let me know.

Finally I will end this catagory with an amazing example of a church that let politics drive it completely off the deep end.

The River City Church Of GOD

They start off with a statement just as rediculous as the one posted earlier.

Now they are making themselves look silly.

At first I just thought “What an obvious statement.” But what were they really saying? Were they intimating that he is still a virgin even now? But then it may just have been a gramatical error because the next day the sign had changed again.

It was at this point that I noticed the change in the name of their church. It just creeps me out now.

#3 Dangerous

These last signs were truly shocking to me. I really think that some congregations need to bring their pastors under control. Either someone is truly nuts or a prankster has gotten hold of the signage lettering.

These kinds of messages cound erupt a community into violence or perhaps bring church leaders up on criminal charges.

This may seem funny on the surface. But this kind of intolerance will not bring the type of people into your congregation that you want. Mormons may not fight you but the Lutherans could set fire to your church house.

Even if you think this statement is true, you are just asking for a community in uproar and that is not the way to convert souls.

(And also, a quick thank you to Mrs Edge for pointing out that the word Wiener was misspelled. Perhaps the sign was referring to Mr. Hermann Weiner who was beaten to death by a gang of homosexuals in that same city the week prior.)

I really think that this might be the work of a prankster. But if so, someone should have taken the message down right away. This one stayed on the board for over a week.

At first I thought that this pastor was just against that rock band from the 80’s. But my wife tells me she thinks that it is a statement of homosexual intolerance. . . . I don’t get it.

A few days after this sign was put up, this pastor had cops knocking on his door. There are more discreet ways of getting this particular message out.

At least this pastor has been reading my site.

So as you can see we need to get the message out. We need to get our signage under control. If you see something questionable on the sign outside your church, see your pastor. Perhaps you could volunteer to help him come up with more appropriate messages.

For more information on this serious subject, please go HERE.


Here are some more Signs I found this morning.

I wonder if they take volunteers?

Didn’t know NAMBLA had meetings at the Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

So that’s the church that our greeter at Walmart goes to . . .

Finally a church that knows how to get its message out.

The place to go when you want to listen to an “Okay” preacher teach you a message that won’t quite make you fall asleep. And if you get a splinter from their pew, hey at least it didn’t hit an artery.

I didn’t know that the Seventh Day Adventists were so tolerant of alternative sexual lifestyles.

I think they blinded me with science.