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Unintentionally Hilarious

Edgewriter Hisself here.

Imagine this:

You are invited to a friends house. They are all excited and want you to watch a video they made. So you act enthusiastic and they put this on:

You watch in horror, trying not to laugh and feeling embarassed for them. Then they tell you about their aspirations of stardom and you try to be positive while the whole time you are screaming inside, wishing you could escape.

An hour later after you have found an excuse to slip away, you leave the driveway just as more of their puzzled looking victims are arriving at the house.

Well Jan Terri and Mark Gormley have produced some of the most embarrassed friends and acquaintances ever. They evidently have quite a cult following despite the horribleness of the videos.

Let’s start with our buddy Mark Gormley. He is actually on very talented SOB. Musically his songs are quite good. Unfortunately the dude looks like my old junior high english teacher Mr. Ferguson. He should not appear in his own music videos.

(BTW notice the bandaid on his chest in that one?)

Now to Mark’s credit, he is pretty grounded for a internet sensation. in this interview, you can see that he isn’t looking to jump into fame. He even turned down Jimmy Kimmel. He is however looking for a new “signifigant other”. So ladies . . .

Jan Terri on the other hand . . . Why oh why in the name of all that is holy did this woman decide to make music?

Please kill me now. You will want to after watching this:

(1:35 dan dan dong??? Even she gets bored of the video after a while)

Here is one Pop up video style:

And so mch more . . . .

Special thanks to the folks over at the Rifftrax Blog for bringing the joy of Jan Terri and Mark Gormley into my hum-drum life.


Videolink crazytime

Everyone, I am sorry that my posts have been so far between lately. Work and family life are so hectic right now. But I can’t let you down. Time for a Videolink crazytime special.

This first one is a huge childrens anime craze in Japan right now.

The Bottom Biting Bug!

Here is a special live performance.

If you thought our kids were mind-numbed by todays kid’s shows here in America, here is a sample of what the regular Bottom Biting Bug show is like


If you don’t know what Rifftrax is, I told y’all all about it HERE.
Here is the sample video of the Spiderman 3 Rifftrax. You can order the whole thing here:

Oh and for those of you Rifftraxian newbies, here is Mike Nelson’s favorite kids song and constant Rifftrax inside joke, Schnappi.

BTW the next Rifftrax coming out 4/22 is Cloverfield.

Rifftrax Cloverfield

I haven’t seen the movie yet and it comes out on DVD the day the Rifftrax is released so fun time all around next week. Here is the information from

“”What if a monster attacked a city?” This is the shockingly novel concept behind the viral marketing triumph of the year! Filled with “fresh”* performances and “authentic”** cinematography, Cloverfield masterfully takes a page from The Blair Witch Project, reworking the “snotty 20-somethings endure trauma while repeatedly saying ‘dude'” genre into something unique while still being very much the same. Look for star turns by That Girl Who Was in Mean Girls and That One Dude Who Played Eric in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Mike, Kevin and Bill’s RiffTrax was found by the Department of Defense (and then thrown away, but we dug it out of a garbage can.)

*Not very good.

**Not good at all.”

Cool stuff:

The Big Dog robotic Army mule.

This thing rules


It already has parodies:

It is amazing what a kid can do with a personal computer these days.

Slow motion water balloon attack. Cool ad.

The aftermath of a war in candyland.

I love this Robot.

Several People making their own Transformers:

Oh and just in case you didn’t get enough last time, Experience more of the love that is inside Peter Lemongello:

And now older and more experienced, Lemongello will satisfy you in many new and different ways.

No . . . Thank you.

(even if he did get a little William Shatnery)


Since the Playoffs start this weekend and the Jazz are going to win the championship this year, I would be remiss if I didn’t link to this guy’s great highlight videos.

Those are required viewing for those of you who don’t realize why your team is about to be destroyed in the playoffs this year.

Oh, and-

JDC5: The Awakening

Ok, folks. Time for a Junk Drawer Cleanout!!

Junkedy junk

My new short story is in the works. But for now all I can tell you is that it is Bowl of Souls related and that it will concern one of the mysterious characters peripheral to the story. Those of you that have read the book will recognize this character right away.


Two items of note.

1. We have a stupid cat

Yukie Wet

Our black and white cat Yukie has recently decided that she wants to climb to the top of our chimney . . . . from the inside.

I first discovered this when my daughter brought in our black and white cat looking completely black. She was covered in soot. At the time I thought that she had just been laying around in the fireplace, but then it happened again. Mrs. Edge was the one that figured out that the stupid cat could see light in the chimney from inside the fireplace. She was trying to climb up and out.

This morning Mrs. Edge was sitting there when the cat fell out of the chimney. Needless to say, Yukie has gotten a lot of baths lately. Doesn’t she look embarrassed?

Wet cat 2

#2. My baby is still cuter.

I have told you again and again. I even made you a challenge. But for those of you that still don’t believe here is even more evidence. My baby is cuter.

baby dollar

Her hair has been wild and wispy lately. She has never lost the thick hair she was born with, though it has lightened some. So we decided to try and curl it to see what would happen.

Happy baby dollar with curlers

She actually seemed to enjoy having the curlers in her hair, which I thought was weird.

Baby with curlers

At any rate, when we took the curlers out, her hair looked like Gene Wilder’s on a windy day. So we ended up wetting it down and combing it out. But even with crazy Gene Wilder hair, she was cuter.

Regarding WordPress:

In the middle of writing this article last night, WordPress bogged down big time. When I finally got it up and working everything had changed on me. The interface for writing and my dashboard and everything is completely different.

It also screwed with the pictures I had uploaded. So I had to wait until this morning to publish this. It actually looks like an improvement over the old interface though. I’ll just have to get used to it.

The Utah Jazz:


What a fantastic game last night. The Jazz gave the Spurs a beat down. The first half looked a bit hairy, but the Jazz hung in there despite shooting a crappy 37%. Boozer hit a big shot at the buzzer to give us a 2 point lead going into the half.

Memo Looking graceful as usual.

Then in the second half, we caught on fire, both offensively and defensively. We held the spurs to their lowest point total in franchise history and won 90-64.

Boozer and Deron played great, but the two real heroes in the game were Memo and AK. Memo had 17 point sand 16 Rebounds while AK had 10 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 steals and a blocked shot. AK was truly everywhere. If only he can keep that up, we could win the championship this year.

There are only 5 games left in the season before the playoffs start. We only need to win one more to clinch a playoff spot. All 5 games are against tough teams.

Spurs watching from the bench where they belong.


The new Rifftrax was just announced. They are riffing Spiderman 3 with guest riffer James Lileks.

Spiderman 3 Rifftrax

I am not too familliar with James Lileks. His website is HERE and evidently his blog is a hit. Also he has a radio show in Minnesota. All I know is the the guys at Rifftrax say he is hilarious and that is good enough for me.

As far as Spiderman 3 goes, I have to admit that I haven’t seen it yet. I own the movie, but have never watched it. I liked Spiderman one and Spiderman 2 was really good, so I am looking forward to watching it both riffed and unriffed.

I will do a Spiderman post as part of my Superhero Movies series some time next week and tell you how it went.

In the meantime, here is a clip from the Rifftrax of Beowulf.

Oh, and before you go, you must have some Bacon.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Beowulf!!!! Rifftrax!!


Okay, so I am one of the guys that rarely gets to go to the theater. I end up watching movies on DVD. So the reality is that most of you have probably watched this film already and I won’t be telling you anything you don’t know. But just in case: SPOILERS BEWARE and all that stuff.

I wanted to see Beowulf in the theater but Mrs Edge wasn’t keen on the idea. So once I found out that Rifftrax was doing Beowulf it was my excuse to watch it. I wanted to watch the movie unriffed the first time. So here is my review of the film on it’s own.

Angelina Jolie in Beowulf

I knew of the story of Beowulf. I never read the old english ballad. But I had gathered from various sources throughout the years what the story was. But the film was very much different from the story I was expecting.

From what I knew, there is a monster named Grendel that is terrorizing a viking kingdom. The king sends for a hero and Beowulf comes. Beowulf is like one of the original superheroes. He is like the viking version of Hercules or Sinbad the Sailor. He is stronger and faster than a normal human being.

Beowulf fights an epic battle with Grendel and kills the monster by ripping its arm off. He then tracks down and kills Grendel’s mother by beheading her. He becomes a king in his older years. He then fights a climactic battle with a dragon and kills the creature even though taking fatal wounds. He dies the greatest viking hero ever.

But the movie has a very different take on the Beowulf legend.

The following trailer gives a much better picture of the way this movie takes the story.

In this version Beowulf is a very flawed man. He isn’t an altruistic sort. He’s not there to save the kingdom really. He doesn’t seem to care much about others. (In the fight with Grendel, he calmly watches his own men die while figuring out the monster’s weakness.) He fights for glory. He knows that if he kills Grendel, his story will grow. He wants bards to sing of him. He wants women to flock to him. He wants to be known as a hero like the heros of viking lore.

In fact, at the beginning, you begin to wonder if he is anything more than a braggart. He obviously exaggerates when telling tales about himself. His men comment on it. It isn’t until the battle with Grendel is won, that you know he is indeed almost as good as he thinks he is.

We also learn of Beowulf’s weaknesses,

1. We have already talked about. His thirst for acclaim.
2. Women.

From the moment he arrives in the kingdom, you can see he has eyes on the queen. He seems entranced by her. He never makes any moves, but you can tell that he wants to. When recounting his story about how he lost a swimming match with Breca, he tells the crowd that the reason he lost was he was seized by a sea serpent. But from his memories, we see that he was instead seduced by a mermaid.

It ends up that this was his biggest weakness because when Grendel’s mother decides to seduce him, he shows us just how weak he really is.

Beowulf in Grendel's cave

This is where I feel that the movie takes the tale of Beowulf and improves upon it. Previously the tale of Beowulf doesn’t really explain why Grendel haunts the mead hall or why the dragon attacks Beuwulf’s kingdom later in his life.

In this film, we are shown that Grendel is actually the son of King Hrothgar and the Demon. This explains his deformed half-human looks and how he is tortured by the merry making of humans. He can not be part of that world and his only company is his evil twisted mother. Hrothgar wants Grendel dead to rid him of his guilt over having been seduced by a demon.

When Beowulf confront’s Grendel’s demon mother intending to kill her, he does not know that the King was Grendel’s father. In a big departure from the original tale, he is seduced by the demon’s promise of glory and power (and Angelina Jolie’s hot bod). Instead of killing her, he gives her the means of taking revenge in the form of another son.

Beowulf still

When he returns to the mead hall with Grendel’s head, he boasts of killing the “hag”. The king gets him in private and tells him that they both know she isn’t a hag. Beowulf doesn’t admit that she is not dead, but the king knows. The king then leaves his entire kingdom to Beowulf and throw’s himself into the sea. It isn’t until that point that Beowulf realizes what he has done.

Thus later in life when the Dragon attacks we know that this dragon is in fact Beowulf’s own son. Over the years, Beowulf has matured into the man that he had always boasted that he was, but he is also haunted by the knowledge of the sins of his youth. So when his son comes to terrorize his kingdom, Beowulf decides to put aside his selfishness and give his life for those he loves. In the end, he becomes a true hero.

It is quite a fantastic story. I enjoyed the film just as much for the story as for the action which is something I was not expecting to do. Now the violence was too bloody and the near nudity too near nude for a PG-13 film. The final twist at the end was a little too ambiguous for my tastes. But all in all, I thought it was a good movie. I don’t know how many family or friends I could show it to, but there you have it.

Now for the Rifftrax version:

Rifftrax Beowulf

I have long contended that listening to the Rifftrax of a movie you like can be far more enjoyable than listening to the Rifftrax of something you hate. This one once again proves my point.

Here is mike Nelson’s description of the Beowulf Rifftrax:

“For years we at RiffTrax have lived under the mistaken belief that we are Beowulf. So we were shocked when a cartoon version of Ray Winstone squeezed into a tiny pair of leather battle panties (LBPs) and set us straight in no uncertain terms. And he’s right – HE. IS. BEOWULF!! Though it took some getting used to the idea that we are not Beowulf, in all honesty it’s been a whole lot more pleasant to come into the office and see pants where one once saw nothing but a sea of LBPs.

But if you haven’t yet exceeded your limit, may we suggest you download our hilarious new RiffTrax for Beowulf in which a fully clothed Mike, Kevin and Bill take on our less than clothed hero, his extremely unclothed lizardy paramour (played with big boobs gusto by Digi-lina Jolie), and a disappointingly unclothed Anthony Hopkins.


As you can see, they enjoy making fun of Beowulf’s boastfullness. They also enjoy making fun of Grendel.

Crispin Glover Grendel

Here are some sample quotes regarding Grendel:

When he first appears, Bill says, “Hey look, Crispin Glover. Yep, self inflicted head wound, that’s Crispin Glover all right.”

When he is fighting the vikings in the hall, Bill says, “Man, this is worse than the time we got attacked by that thing my dog threw up.”

Later, when Grendel’s mom tells him that men have destroyed many of our kind, Bill says, “our kind being giant pieces of poo.”

They also get good digs in regarding everyone’s disturbing lack of clothing, the crazy camera angles, and anything to do with John Malkovich.

This is definitely one of my favorite Rifftrax so far. Download it and enjoy the heck out of this film.

Junky Drawers

Once again my mind is filled with many small things that by themselves are perhaps unworthy of a stand-alone post. But together they make one heck of a mess and that sounds just about right for one of my articles. So let’s get started shall we?

First of all, there has been some confusion about my last article which was about a boy talking to his pet frog who is trying to escape. I apologize for the confusion. And I know that the frog in the video was freaky. Can you imagine walking across your lawn at night and hearing that sound come from near your feet in the darkness? Again I apologize.

Mitchell and Webb

While reading the Rifftrax Blog the other day I came across a youtube video posted by our good pal Bill Corbett. It perfectly illustrates the frustration of a screenwriter pitching his work to hollywood.

It made me laugh several times and I had to seek out more information about the comedians in the sketch. They are called Mitchell and Webb and are big hits in the UK but are relatively unknown in the US.

Their current show “that Mitchell and Webb look” airs on BBC America on the weekends so you can check it out. Here are a few more sample clips to whet your whistle. (Mild expletive warning!)

Nazi officers realizing that they are the bad guys:

A Mr B Natural story gone bad.

Naming a dry cleaners:

Child with a BOOTY for a face:

They are also PC and Mac guys for the UK commercials.


Rifftrax Matrix Reloaded

I finally got around to watching the Rifftrax of Matrix Reloaded the other night with Mrs. Edge. We both enjoyed it immensely. They ripped appart the massively stupid sex/rave scene that took up half of the film for one. They also accurately picked the moment in the film where the Matrix franchise jumped the proverbial shark.

Oh and for you insiders, bacon jokes are scattered throughout along with the obligatory Schnappi reference.

The original Matrix Rifftrax is the one that started it all for me and the second one is even better.

Also, the Riffers have taken on some new political ads. Here are a couple of my favorites:

There are more on my previous political post.

Completely 100% not not true:

In my previous article on the history of Asparagus Pee I left out one interesting factoid.

Island of Bhuti

On the island of Bhuti in the Indian Ocean, the Palahunga tribe makes many of varieties of distinctive dyes. These dyes are made from the various plant and insect species native to the island and are highly sought over by yarn manufacturers for their brilliant colors.

The most sought after of these dyes is called Bhutipee #5. It is a gorgeous deep purple hue and sells for over 150 dollars per ounce. (Which, being highly concentrated can actually dye 10 skeins of high quality alpaca yarn.) These skeins of yarn can sell for $50-100 each. (No, Mrs. Edge! Put the credit card down and back away slowly . . .)

Bhutipee Alpaca yarn

What is very interesting is that the beautiful purple hue of this yarn comes from a mixture composed from the musk glands of a beetle native to the island (The Bhuti Beetle) and asparagus pee.

How did such a thing come to pass?

Asparagus was brought to the islands in the 1700’s by british explorers coming out of India. The lush climate on the island was perfect for the growth of Asparagus and the vegetable flourished. It grew so well there in fact that it became seen by the inhabitants as a weed. Still there were some of the tribe that enjoyed the flavor of this new vegetable.

As the story goes, one day a dyemaker’s son was stepped on a bhuti beetle and the stink of the beetle clung to him. In order to get rid of the musk from a bhuti beetle, the traditional method is to pee on it. Something in the urine counteracts the smell. Evidently this time when the boy peed on it, his foot turned purple. He screamed and though he had contracted some horrible skin disease, but over time they realized that it was something else. His foot had become dyed purple.

Bhutipee purple dye

Now being a tribe of dye makers, it occured to them to find out where this beautiful purple came from. The musk of a bhuti beetle is quite colorless normally and they had never seen this result before. It took the quite a while to realize that the reason his foot had turned purple was because he had eaten large quantities of asparagus before stepping on the beetle and even though his urine was yellow and the beetle musk was colorless, a chemical reaction in the musk turned the urine that delightful purple color.

Utah Jazz:

Kyle Korver Girlfriend sighting:

Leave Kyle Korver Alone!

I have been asked to leave Deformio alone by this lady above. She wouldn’t say, but I am almost sure it is Kyle Korver’s girlfriend. I know that some of you have told me that this is a guy, but anyone with that voice is 100% woman.

On a side note, Deformio has come out of his shooting slump in the last couple games and has been ripping the nets for the Jazz. It was in large part thanks to him that we beat Dallas and Detroit recently.

Go Deformio!

Edgewriter gets political?!?!?

Hah! not really, folks. Just doing some political Lampooning. Since I don’t really love any of the candidates in the race, why not take them all on?

Hillary looks good to Obama
Obama is either sending daggers her way or he thinks she’s HOT. You can almost see steam coming out of his nose.

Obama calling the pigs
Obama at the national pig calling competition. He is right in the middle of a Soooooooie!

McCain Mad
When McCain realized that the media doesn’t love him anymore. *tear*


My buddies at Rifftrax have decided to help me out on this one. Here are their campain ad riffs. Hilarious stuff and party nuetral. All with commentary by the beloved sage, Mike Nelson.

That Hillary. Always ruining Christmas for everyone.

If only Mike Huckaby was really on the Free Pen bandwagon, he might get my vote.

Obama for change. Now that idea is something I can stand behind.

McCain proves he can take the correct action for our future.

Caucasing is easy. Because even though Bill can’t resist a burger, and some guys can’t help but do the pointy finger dance, it is easy to stand in a locked room with 100 people you have never met for an hour. Huh?

If you liked those, here are a couple “vintage” campaign ads for the California governor race.

The Phil Angelides experience.

Schwarzenegger not a baby.

Update 3/5/08:

Riffrax has a new round of political ads out that are hilarious. Here is a sample:

Check the rest of them out HERE.

Junk drawer #2

It has been several days since my last post and I feel guilty. The thing is that no one thing has sparked my interest enough to do a full article on. And, to tell the truth, that Crispin Glover research burned me out. So I have several small things of interest to compile together in to one big mess. Enjoy.

IceHole Report:

Over the last week or so, it has been just warm enough for the gigantic piles of snow to begin melting, but cold enough that it freezes before it can drain anywhere. So depending on the time of day, there are either deep pools of black water to drive through or long sheets of black ice. Yay Idaho!

It has still been snowing off and on, but it usually melts by the end of the day. Therefore my philosophy has been “Why Shovel?”. Unfortunately sometimes this is a bad philosopy and even though my driveway is mostly clear, my sidewalks are coated in ice. Yay me!


Matrix Rifftrax

So lately the Rifftrax releases have been a bit sparse. The rapid pace of one new Rifftrax a week has settled down and it has been one every other week. But yesterday I saw a new short on the Rifftrax Site.

Then on the Rifftrax Blog I read a new interview with Mike in which he said that they had been busy riffing a DOZEN shorts. These shorts will cost .99 on their site and will be fully downloadable via Divx. Now this is big news for any of you MST3K fans out there. The shorts are some of the funniest things that MST ever did and the Rifftrax guys do them just as well.

Here is a MST3K short to wet your whistle:

or two: (With Mellissa Gilbert)

I’m not going to post any Rifftrax shorts because I don’t want to take away their money. Instead I will plead with you to buy some trax on your own so that they will keep making more. I assume that the Dozen shorts they completed will be doled out over time on the Rifftrax site so keep your eyes out for more.

I took their latest one and remastered it to go on at the beginning of my Rifftrax DVD of Star Trek V. Mrs. Edge and I watched it last night and it was hilarious. The short was great and Mike and Kevin’s riffing of Trek was superb. Mike does a great Sulu impression by the way.

The only thing was that they truly seemed to hate the movie. Usually, the jokes are light hearted, but this one reminds me of the Rifftrax of the Star Wars prequels. The venom spewed at Shatner for directing this subpar film is acrid. Hilarious but acrid. It will be interesting to watch the other Trek Riffs and see if they are as intense.

Oh and I bought the Matrix Reloaded Riff but I haven’t watched it yet.


Doller Pie

The fambly is doing well. Pie Girl has been sick the last couple of days with some kind of virus. She mopes around. Thank goodness she stopped all the moaning when she found it hurt her sore throat. So now it is quiet moping. Thank goodness.

The Doller girl ate baby food for the first time this week. Mmmmmmm carrots.

Carrot face

Now only a tiny amount of what you see actually got down her throat but she seemed happy to be trying it out.

Carrot eating grin

Utah Jazz:

Sorry Girls, no update on Kyle Korver’s girlfriend.

Well, I lied.

Girfriend sighting:

Kyle Korver Girlfriend

Hah! I kill Me!

If the playoffs started today, Utah would have the #4 seed and we would be playing the New Orleans Chris Pauls. That is a pretty favorable situation because we own those losers. Deron Williams always get up to play against his old buddy Christophine.


I have to share a site with you guys. It is These are the short films of Mitchell Rose and they are fantastic. Here are a couple of samples. Hilarious stuff.

And I’ll leave you with this one. My favorite.

Junk drawer

As any of my regular readers know, I am not a mini-blogger. I don’t post a sentence or paragraph a day. I tend to write essays or large articles. Hence there are a lot of subjects that I have an interest in that I don’t get around to writing about.

So sad

I know. This is a travesty. But cheer up. Today I unleash an ongoing feature where I unclog my mind of a lot of the cool junk that I can’t quite bear to throw away. My mental junk drawer if you will.

I will tackle it within the framework of my regular categories.


My parenting style is simple. I’ll call it Clown-style. I joke around with my kids constantly. I know each child more than well enough to know what will make them laugh. So this has become my techinque to call situations down. If they are sad or angry, I tease them mercilessly until they laugh about it. The upside is that they think I am hilarious. The downside is that some times I tease them a bit too much.

My wife is afraid that they will end up with issues.

Anyhoo, my latest way to deal with tantrums is “The Monster Face”

making the Monster Face

Whenever I have a child crying about something unreasonable. I yell “Ah! Run away, he’s turning into a monster!”

“No I’m not!”

Monster face

“Then why are you making the ‘Monster Face’?”

“I’m not!”

“Oh yeah? They why do you look like this?”

I then do a crazy impression of the face they were making. This seems to calm them down. Especially when their siblings agree that that was indeed the face they were making.

They have all come to know it so well, they will call each other on it. “Ooh, you’re making the monster face.”

It has gotten to the point where calling them out on their “Monster Face” makes them instantly try to regain control of themselves and calmly reply, “No I am not.”

MST3K and Rifftrax:

Rifftrax has announced that their new project is The Matrix Reloaded and it will be released on Tuesday Feb 19.

Matrix Reloaded Rifftrax

I am looking forward to this one. I love the first Matrix film. In fact it is one of my favorite all-time movies. I also really enjoyed the Rifftrax version of that one. In fact I had resisted having anything to do with Rifftrax until I saw this scene on YouTube.

I almost died laughing during the Kung Fu training scene and I showed it to Mrs. Edge who was also laughing her head off. Thus began my rapid spiral into obession with all things Rifftrax.

So if Mike Nelson and the boys can win me over by mocking the good one, I am excited to see what they do with the second Matrix film that wasn’t nearly as good as the first.

On a similar note, getting into Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic has opened my heart up to other Mystery Science Theater related projects.

Here are a Few of them that have impressed me.

ESPN’s Cheap Seats:

I don’t know how I missed out on this one since it was the only mainstream MST3K related project around on television. Basically the premise is that two brothers work in the ESPN video library and mock old sports related clips.

It is hilarious stuff. The show ran on ESPN Classic from 2004 to 2006 and had four seasons. The episodes have not been released on DVD but they are available through torrent sites. Too bad so many of us MST3K fans missed this one. They didn’t forget about us. There was even an episode of season two where Mike and the bots made an appearance. See below.

Fun With Shorts by Josh Way:

I have never been much for fan fiction or fan imitation of television shows. Therefore I had pretty much stayed away from the MST3K imitators. Something we call fan riffing. But I ran across one of Josh Way’s short film riffs and I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear. And laugh like crazy of course. This is the one that got me.

Josh has done a ton of these public domain short films and you can even order them from him in DVD collections. I have had to seek them all out and watch them. They are great. I would love to see Rifftrax invite him on as a guest riffer.

Check out this one that surprisingly stars a young Darren McGavin (The dad from The Christmas Story)

The Utah Jazz:

As popular as Deformio is on my site, he takes a back seat during NBA All-Star Weekend because he decided not to show.

But we have six Jazz players that are involved in some way or another with the All-Star festivities.

Ronnie Brewer and Paul Milsap participated in the Rookie-Sophmore challenge on TNT last night and it was pretty fun. They were bench players for the sophmore team and did pretty well. Ronnie ended up with 13 points in 17 minutes and Paul had a nice block, but they aren’t really the kind of players that are spotlighted by this kind of game.


Our guys are team players. Ronnie can be flashy at times with his athleticism and Thunderous dunks, but these guys are trained to pass the ball and spread the floor within the Jazz system. They aren’t prone to the kind of selfish play that puts you in the spotlight. It was okay though. They looked like they were having fun.

Ronnie Brewer headband

The Dnews had an article this morning teasing Ronnie about wearing a headband during the game. That isn’t allowed under team rules during regular games.

Later today our two rookies, Morris Almond and Kyrylo Fesenko will take part in the D-league Allstar game This will be fun because we haven’t been able to see much of their play this year as they have been in the D-league instead of traveling with the team.


Morris Almond has been rocking the D-league this year and is the leading scorer. He has had two 50+ point games and one of them was the D-league record with 57 pts. I will update this article if anything amazing happens.

Update: Morris had 20 points on 8-10 shooting. Fes had 14 pts and 8 rebounds. Their team won 117-99

Morris Almond Joy

Deron Williams was snubbed for the Allstar game this year, but he was invited to take part in the Skills Challenge. This is basically an obstacle course for basketball. He is well suited for this kind of event so this should be fun.

Update: Wow. Deron Williams won the skills challenge with a time of 25.5 seconds. Now at the skills challenge, they announced that he had made a new record time but in the morning papers they said that he was one tenth of a second away from breaking the record.

Deron Rules

Then on Sunday, Carlos Boozer will be in the Allstar Game. Again I will update the article if he astounds us.

Update: He had limited minutes but made the best of them, scoring 14 points and racking up 10 rebounds, one of only two players with a double double in the game. Unfortunately he is not Mr. Flashy so the coaches didn’t give him much time to pad his stats.

Carlos Boozer kicks anus

Also last night, Karl Malone made an appearance on Inside the NBA to get after Charles Barkley about making fun of his draft-night suit for all these years. Man I miss Karl Malone. See the hilarity ensue:

Video Games:

I am a big RPG fan. I love all things Final Fantasy for instance. Here are the unfinished games on my shelf:

Fanal Fantasy 12. Ever since I have gotten my Xbox 360 I have not went back and finished this Playstation 2 game. I really need to.

Oblivion. This game rules. I bought the add-ons and have beaten most of the side quests. I have not finished the main quest of the game yet, but I was so burnt out on it that it has been sitting for a while.

Two Worlds. This is a game with so much potential that fell short. I love the play style and many of the dynamics of it but I have never beaten the game. I could probably do so easily but in trying to explore every inch of the game, I burnt myself out on it also. Now if only they release that expansion that is supposed to fix many of the broken aspects of the game, I might be able to get back into it.

Blue Dragon. I just bought this game last week and so far I am having fun with it. It is pretty kind of cartoony and reminds me of the earlier Final Fantasy games. This makes sense because it was created by several of the original Final Fantasy guys. The game is also huge. It is three DVD disks long. I can’t quite figure out why they needed that much space yet, but I am looking forward to finding out.

Mass Effect. I really enjoyed the depth of this game but it felt a little short to me. It was made by the people behind the two Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games and it has a similar feel minus the lightsabers. I beat it once and have started back through it on the Hardcore setting. Good Game. Looking forward to the sequel.

So in posts over the past month I have been going on and on about the newest Rifftrax Batman and Robin and Jurassic park.

Since I have now seen both of them I thought I would give you my opinion on them. Let’s start with Batman and Robin:

The worst film EVER

Since Rifftrax began, the fans have been requesting that Mike and the guys do Batman and Robin.

There is a lot of fan hate directed towards this movie. After all, this was the film that killed the Batman movie franchise (Until Christopher Nolan stepped in with Batman Begins). Everything about the movie stank. And as the rumor goes, it stank so bad that Mike and the boys at Rifftrax didn’t want to sit through this turd enough times to write a script.

Then some fans on the Rifftrax Forum got together and started a site called Riffraff Theater. The idea is that a bunch of fans write riffs on a movie and submit them to Riffrafftheater. They compile everyone’s scripts together and weed out the bad jokes. Then they make their own fan Rifftrax from a master script.

Arnold cooling it

Riffraff Theater did one for Harry Potter that went pretty well. You can read my thoughts on it Here. Evidently Mike and the guys at Rifftrax were impressed enough by the project that they offered to make a Rifftrax out of a fan written script. The fans would write it. Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett would perform the script as written without alteration. The movie chosen was Batman and Robin. (This way Mike and the guys would only have to watch it once, lucky devils.)

This was quite a revolutionary concept. Fan fiction has been going on for years, expecially with the help of the internet. But when had fans ever been given the chance to have their work performed by the actual actors they are trying to emulate? This is the first time I have ever heard of it happening and that is a pretty exciting thing.

Well the process was long and ardurous. I didn’t hear about it until it was too late for me to contribute (Maybe next time). But in the end, the guys at Riffrafftheater received over 40 scripts.

How was the end result?

It starts out strong. The jokes come fast and furious and it is really funny. The film is so awful that the opportunity for gags is plentiful. Rifftrax has some funny fans.

Then about halfway through the movie things started to slow down. There were long gaps between jokes and near the end tons of scenes begging to be mocked were left alone. Mike and the guys kept to their word and did not alter the script. Evidently the movie was so hard to get through that many of the fans sent in incomplete scripts.

Boy I don’t blame them. I remember how much I hated Batman and Robin when it came out. It is so dreadfully bad that it is painful to watch. Watching it with the Rifftrax made it worth it though. I would recommend the trax to anyone wanting to see the film torn apart.

I hope that it is enough of a success that Rifftrax does more fan written trax in the future. Hopefully it will be with movies more fun to write for.

Now on to Jurassic Park with my hero Weird Al Yankovic


When they announced this I died. Read about it Here. Such a combination of coolness has never come together before. I was a puddle of geeky goo.

Mike Nelson and Weird Al

So how did it go?

Weird Al is a natural at this. His manic edged voice works as a perfect counterpoint to Mike Nelsons laid back style. The jokes come fast and hard. It was nearly as funny as I hoped it would be. If only Al had done more of his trademark screaming, it would have been perfect.

Weird Al and Mike Nelson

You would think that it would be hard to riff Jurassic Park because it is a pretty good movie. The sequels stank, but the first one is a worthy film. But there is plenty of material for Mike and Al to work with. They don’t make fun of the quality of the acting or the script very much. The humor is much more observational. See the clip below to get an idea.

Like the Rifftrax for Lord of the Rings or The Matrix, it was another way for me to enjoy the film. I laughed the whole way through and I didn’t hate the movie. In fact, I prefer the Rifftrax of good movies over the Rifftrax of bad films like Batman and Robin.

It is rumored that Al is keen to do more. I hope so. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

On a side note, between Batman and Robin and Jurassic Park, Rifftrax came out with a short film Riff called Act Your Age. It is one of those educational shorts from the 50’s and man is it fertile ground for that MST3K brand of humor.

Act Your Age

Mike, Kevin, and Bill take the short on and it really made me nostalgic for those Mystery Science Theater shorts of yesteryear. It is Hilarious.

When I made my Jurassic Part Rifftrax DVD I put the Short at the beginning of the movie and it is actually funnier than the movie riff.

So if you are curious to see what Rifftrax is all about, this short is not a bad place to start. For .99 cents how can you go wrong?

Here is a link to the unriffed short

Weird Albert in a can*

* Yes I know his real name is Alfred

THE COOLEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just died

That’s right, the two funniest things in the planet are getting together to kill you all on Tuesday February 5. Weird Al Yankovic and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Or more specifically, Weird Al and Mike Nelson with Rifftrax.

Update: They just posted this clip.

Update II: I saw it! Read my review HERE.

It was announced yesterday that Jurassic Park was the latest Rifftrax. When it came out that Weird Al was going to the the guest riffer, I died. It’s true. I am the living dead typing this right now, so I need to finish this article before my fingers start falling off.

He wrote a song about it. Uh, Jurassic Park that is. It’s been stuck in my head all day.

I know that so far I have not expressed to you how freaking awesome Weird AL is. So let me express it now. He rules the universe. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I don’t belong to Weird Al Dianetics or anything. You know, The Church of White and Nerdy.

I first heard of Weird Al while listening to Doctor Demento as a kid. He got his start there. His songs were regularly in the top ten every week.

When he started putting out albums, I started buying them. I didn’t have much money then, so I had to be selective, but I had the food album and I got Alapalooza on DVD. It was the album with the Jurassic Park parody. I listened to that album so many times that I had the songs memorized.

Last year I got quite a surprise when it was announced Weird AL was coming to Idaho falls. I immediately bought tickets and my brother came up from Salt Lake City to go to the concert with me. It was held at the Civic Auditorium. It’s a strange building in that it is an auditorium attatched to the side of a high school. The city rents the building to the high school for use in assemblies and things.

Civic Auditorium

I didn’t know what to expect out of the concert. I had never thought of Weird Al as a live performance type of guy, but the show was brilliant. He had his full band. The Show was well produced, with lazers, smoke effects, and everything.

He did most of the songs off his new album and some of his old stuff. He changed costume maybe twenty times during the show, He came out in the fat suit from his music video for Fat. He had his Jedi costume on for The Saga Begins. It was really cool. Let me tell you as well, the guy has energy. With all the jumping and dancing and running around he did, it was amazing that he could still sing at all.

While we were there Weird Al stated that it was his 1000th show. He said that when they were planning the tour, he reminded his manager that the 1000th show was coming up. He said, “I can’t promise anything, but I might be able to get you in a high school auditorium in Idaho.” Weird Al was like, “That’s perfect!”

I left the concert with a new appreciation for the guy. If only he had done my favorite song from the new album:

When the Rifftrax guys asked who the fans would like to see as a guest riffer, Weird Al was my first choice. I don’t know how many other fans picked him, but February 5th cannot get here fast enough.

So go out and support this Rifftrax project. Buy, borrow, or rent Jurassic Park and buy the Rifftrax. I hope that this is so successful they do it again.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite Weird Al videos.

Gump: He can really kick his leg over his head like that. I saw him do it live at the concert.

The Drive Thru. Just about the funniest thing he has done.

Here is a more rare one. This is the life from Johny Dangerously:

The Saga Begins At the live concert, he and the band were dressed as Star Wars Characters. He had a bunch of stormtroopers, Darth Vadern and Darth Maul come out on stage during the song as well.

All About The Pentiums. He did this one live too wearing that same outfit.

Weasel Stomping Day. Video by Robot Chicken

And last but not least, here is a song that Weird Al recorded for his last album that the label (Atlantic Records) would not let him use after James Blunt had given him permission.

You’re Pitiful

The White and Nerdy All Donny Osmond version