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Junk drawer #2

It has been several days since my last post and I feel guilty. The thing is that no one thing has sparked my interest enough to do a full article on. And, to tell the truth, that Crispin Glover research burned me out. So I have several small things of interest to compile together in to one big mess. Enjoy.

IceHole Report:

Over the last week or so, it has been just warm enough for the gigantic piles of snow to begin melting, but cold enough that it freezes before it can drain anywhere. So depending on the time of day, there are either deep pools of black water to drive through or long sheets of black ice. Yay Idaho!

It has still been snowing off and on, but it usually melts by the end of the day. Therefore my philosophy has been “Why Shovel?”. Unfortunately sometimes this is a bad philosopy and even though my driveway is mostly clear, my sidewalks are coated in ice. Yay me!


Matrix Rifftrax

So lately the Rifftrax releases have been a bit sparse. The rapid pace of one new Rifftrax a week has settled down and it has been one every other week. But yesterday I saw a new short on the Rifftrax Site.

Then on the Rifftrax Blog I read a new interview with Mike in which he said that they had been busy riffing a DOZEN shorts. These shorts will cost .99 on their site and will be fully downloadable via Divx. Now this is big news for any of you MST3K fans out there. The shorts are some of the funniest things that MST ever did and the Rifftrax guys do them just as well.

Here is a MST3K short to wet your whistle:

or two: (With Mellissa Gilbert)

I’m not going to post any Rifftrax shorts because I don’t want to take away their money. Instead I will plead with you to buy some trax on your own so that they will keep making more. I assume that the Dozen shorts they completed will be doled out over time on the Rifftrax site so keep your eyes out for more.

I took their latest one and remastered it to go on at the beginning of my Rifftrax DVD of Star Trek V. Mrs. Edge and I watched it last night and it was hilarious. The short was great and Mike and Kevin’s riffing of Trek was superb. Mike does a great Sulu impression by the way.

The only thing was that they truly seemed to hate the movie. Usually, the jokes are light hearted, but this one reminds me of the Rifftrax of the Star Wars prequels. The venom spewed at Shatner for directing this subpar film is acrid. Hilarious but acrid. It will be interesting to watch the other Trek Riffs and see if they are as intense.

Oh and I bought the Matrix Reloaded Riff but I haven’t watched it yet.


Doller Pie

The fambly is doing well. Pie Girl has been sick the last couple of days with some kind of virus. She mopes around. Thank goodness she stopped all the moaning when she found it hurt her sore throat. So now it is quiet moping. Thank goodness.

The Doller girl ate baby food for the first time this week. Mmmmmmm carrots.

Carrot face

Now only a tiny amount of what you see actually got down her throat but she seemed happy to be trying it out.

Carrot eating grin

Utah Jazz:

Sorry Girls, no update on Kyle Korver’s girlfriend.

Well, I lied.

Girfriend sighting:

Kyle Korver Girlfriend

Hah! I kill Me!

If the playoffs started today, Utah would have the #4 seed and we would be playing the New Orleans Chris Pauls. That is a pretty favorable situation because we own those losers. Deron Williams always get up to play against his old buddy Christophine.


I have to share a site with you guys. It is http://mitchellrose.com/. These are the short films of Mitchell Rose and they are fantastic. Here are a couple of samples. Hilarious stuff.

And I’ll leave you with this one. My favorite.


Fargin weather

Roman Moronie wants you to know.

driveway in Idaho

I thought I would pitch in with a, “Heck yeah it is.” Above you can see the view from my garage. This is just before I shoveled for the 150th time this winter.

It started snowing two weeks before Christmas and even though it doesn’t snow every day, it hasn’t melted. It just accumulates. The piles of snow grow higher and higher.

I’m six-foot-three tall, dark, and handsome. Yet still the snow drift is up to my midriff. My son is half my height and as you can see, the piles of snow on either side of the driveway reach over his head.


I spent most of my childhood in Bountiful Utah. We got a lot of snow up there every winter. I remember the piles of snow getting huge when I was a kid. Well this year in Idaho we are getting as much snow as I have ever seen. Look at my front porch.


The big difference between living in Utah and living here though is the roads. In Utah, the plows run all the time when it is snowing. They would put stuff down on the streets to keep it from icing too. And it didn’t matter where you lived. If you were in the city or the suburbs, they kept the roads clear.

Well check out my street.


Here in Idaho they try to keep the main roads plowed, but the side streets are mostly ignored. If we are lucky, they plow through once a week or so. The only reason we can get out of our neighborhoods is that the snow in the streets is packed down by the tires of people’s cars as they come and go.

If it starts to warm up a little in the day, the top layers of snow turn to slush. Then the slush freezes overnight. The end result is that from the first winter snow until everything melts in the spring, the side roads are covered in a solid pack of ice and snow.

So to those folks living in sunny Florida, we in Idaho send you a hearty SCREW YOU. You can return the favor to us during hurricane season this summer.

With love,


Even though this did not happen in Idaho, you get the idea.

Oh and don’t forget. It’s COMING.

UPDATE 2/6/08

I woke up this morning to a FOOT of snow on the driveway. That happened overnight. SO I was up early shoveling more snow than I have in my life.